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Requires perl and net-snmp (with the perl module) already installed.
You can get it from http://www.net-snmp.org.


The SNMP module is matched to an install of net-snmp, and must be installed from
the net-snmp source tree.

The Perl module SNMP is found inside the net-snmp distribution. Go to the perl/
directory of the distribution to install it, or run from the top directory of the
net-snmp distribution:

$ ./configure --with-perl-modules --disable-embedded-perl
$ make
$ sudo make install

Running OIXports:

1. Put all files under the same directory, for easy setup put all files in your
 public_html or html directory that is accessible via your web browser.
 Make sure you have read write execute privileges within this directory as
 well as the 2 files:

 chmod 755 oixports.pl
 chmod 755 index.cgi

2. Rename device.cfg.sample to device.cfg

3. Edit device.cfg, put as many devices to monitor seperating each device
 with a blank line, the format is:

 host = "your.device.ip.address"
 comm = "snmpcommunity"

 example :

 host = ""
 comm = "public"

4. edit both oixports.pl and index.cgi, just change the $path to
 wherever you have installed the script :

 $path = "/hard/link/to/your/directory";

 example :

 $path = "/home/johar/public_html/oixports";

5. run oixports.pl from command line once or twice to make sure it does not
 produce an error message :

 bash:~/public_html$ ./oixports.pl

 If it runs with no error then run oixports.pl from cron every 5 minutes:

 */5 * * * * /hard/link/to/installation/directory/oixports.pl

6. Configure web server to allow scripts (cgi) to be executed from this directory.
 In Apache this can be done in adding to httpd.conf :

 <Directory /home/johar/public_html/oixports>
    Options All
    AllowOverride All
    Require all granted

7. Access http://your.web/subdir/index.cgi with your web browser, give the script
 at least 10 minutes to make it feel at home after running cron.

(optional : you can now move index.cgi together with the css and woff2 file to
wherever you want. Do not change the $path, it should always point to where
oixports.pl directory is located)

Script can be downloaded from http://www.openixp.net/oixports

Johar Alam <johar@openixp.net>